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[IP] Contact Lens-Based Glucose Meters?

I just read a blurb in US News and World Report (Jan 28-Feb 4 Issue) about 
CIBA Vision of Atlanta working on a contact lens-based system for measuring 
glucose levels.  Apparently, you shine a hand-held device in your eye and it 
is able to read your glucose level (the lenses also correct vision).  Anybody 
else heard about this and (hopefully) have any links to more info.  I looked 
on the CIBA vision web site and didn't see anything.  I know it's still in 
development, but I'd love to hear more . . . As much as we love what pumping 
has done for Katie, I sure love her not needing to do all those pokes every 
day . . .

Pumpmama to Katie
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