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Re: [IP] Poll: Diabetics Misjudge Disease

Lyndy wrote:
>>> When I think of how many people I've talked to whose doctors have
basically been told that as long as they take their pills and don't eat a
lot of desserts or candy, that they'll be fine - it just makes me so sad and
angry! >>>

The endo who put me on a pump in the pioneer days *was* very up on things -
then. He gave an analogy of a basketball game and one of the players would
have a *B* average, score well during the games, and an all-around good
guy/gal. Then, during a tournament and the score is tied, here comes an
*unknown* and makes a 3-pointer, winning the tournament. Who gets the
credit? The one who was steady and faithful, or the one-timer? That's like
when a DMer dies of a heart attack; if you'll notice in the obits, the heart
assoc. gets the memorial contributions for research. Afterall, DM didn't
kill him/her - the heart did.

Probably some of the doctors don't even have a clue their DMer patient(s)
may have been helped with better care. (~_^)

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