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RE: [IP] Poll: Diabetics Misjudge Disease

I feel very fortunate myself.  I've had this drilled into my head since I
was dx'd, and I survived a gentle reminder in the form of a heart attack and
quadruple bypass at the age of 42.  I am one of those unfortunates that
seems to be predisposed to extreme hyperlipidemia, regardless of how
aggressively it is treated.  This was not the case before I was dx'd, so it
may be a manifestation of the diabetes.

The lack of awareness frightens me as this should be in the forefront of
every diabetics thoughts when developing their life management strategy.  I
can't lay blame entirely at the feet of the medical community though.  My
doctor told me in the beginning that I had to become the expert in managing
my particular diabetes, and be responsible for understanding it better than
anyone else on the planet.  So far it has been good advice (God bless,

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