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[IP] Re: HgbA1C Questions

I have been a diabetic for 28 years and have been using a pump since
October, 2001.
I have a closely monitored diet and exercise on a regular basis.
Before pump therapy, my AIC test results were close to 10. The test results
have been droping after beginning pump therapy.
Last week the results for my AIC was 6.7.
My doctor says that I need to remain in the 6.5 - 7 range.

I have the following questions:
     - What is a normal person's HgbAIC range?
     - I told my doctor that I wanted to be in the 5.5 - 6 range.
          - Is this possible?
          - Will a lower range help defer complications due to high glucose

The pump is a great tool for helping me keep my BG under control. I try to
be in the 70-100 range 2 hrs. after a meal and not go above
130 after eating. If I continue with these BG range goals & continue to
exercise, will my HgbA1C values continue to drop?
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