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pull the protective paper off the needle side and stick the sil to the tip my right index finger (I'm right handed). After advancing the sil under the skin, when it has gone in as far as desired, I remove the inserting needle which allows the sil to fold almost in half, then i remove the sil from the tip of my finger and stick it to the skin. with the back portion of the sil up in the air I peel away the rear protective paper and stick the back down. i find that the only part of sil insertion which hurts is the initial stab of the sil thru the skin. I do not use 30 degrees as suggested, more like 15 degrees as if i was landing a mosquito on my body. the acute angle suggested makes penetration of the deeper structures below the skin almost a certainty. I wish Minimed was not so stingy, although I have used sils and bent needles most of my pumping life they would not send me a serter gratis. spot

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