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[IP] Re:paradigm

I tried to get the new pump, but my insurance said that "since my pump still
worked ( I have a 507) that they did not feel like they needed to pay for a
new one."  I have had it for four years and the warranty has expired.   I was
really frustrated and still am a bit.  I live in northern Ohio and have
American Benefits Management/ Ohio Health Choice for insurance.
  When mine breaks down, I guess than they will pay for one.  I figure when it
breaks down I could end up in the hospital.  (let them pay for that as well.)
Congratulations to those of you who got one.  I really am please for you!
MM 507, DM for 15 years, just turned 30, possible Rheumatoid Arthritis,
blessed with a wonderful husband and two darling daughters

>>>For anyone who has saw this new pump.  How much smaller is it actually than
the 507C or 508.  I know that  they say that it is 37% smaller than other
pumps but when I was comparing specifications from the paradigm to the 508 it
looked like it was the same size just thinner.

I would really like to get this pump for my daughter if it is indeed 37%
smaller than her 507C.

Also does your warranty have to be up in order for insurance to cover a new

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