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[IP] any have rheumatoid Arthritis and DM?

I have have had DM for 15 years now, I am 30 years old.  I have had pain in my
hands specifically for almost a year.  First the doctors thought it was Lupus,
went to the Rheumologist, he said it was not.  Then they thought it was
Diabetic Neuropathy, no the Neurologist says.  Now they are testing for RA.

My hands and wrists hurt all the time.  In the morning they are stiff.  My
feet feel the pain as well, but not as bad as the hands.  My arms and hands
feel like they are getting weaker.  I am having trouble holding on to things.
I have also felt tired and "winded" for the last year as well. I get about
9-10 hours of sleep each night.  But the pain wakes me up in the night, almost
like my hands are cramping.  I am emotionally tired of trying to figure out
what it is and how to treat it.  The pain gets to me. They have tried many
meds but they all seem to knock me out.  We have two small children at home
and I need to be awake for them.

Anyway, I just thought I would ask if any of you have both diseases or RA.   I
am trying to find comfort and relief.  Does any of this sound familliar to any
of you?  Or do you know of another disease this sounds like?  I would
appreciate any suggestions.

Thanks so much for listening.
Nancy Ludwig
email @ redacted
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