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Re: [IP] Stress, anxiety, depression, etc.

I have gone through similar stuff, and it does get better.  My uncle just 
passed after having colon cancer.  They just didn't catch it until too late. 
  I have had periods of being depressed, and you have described what I felt 
as if I had written it myself.  Right now I'm in a period of very high 
stress and my anxiety levels are through the roof.  I've just recently gone 
back on my anxiety medication.  My suggestions?  First, if possible, take a 
1 day minivacation.  You don't even have to leave town, just go to a mall 
and out to lunch and get a pedicure or stay in a hotel with a hot tub.  I 
did that once and came back refreshed and not so ready to snap at the ones I 
love.  That may not be possible for you however.  If you have the funds, get 
a massage.  I get one once a year as a gift to myself and let me tell you I 
am so relaxed afterward.  Do you know how to sew or knit or crosstich?  If 
so I would suggest a few minutes of it a day.  Lock yourself away in a room 
with some relaxing music on and no distractions and just sew.  It gives me 
time to organize my thoughts and to decide which thoughts are worth keeping 
and which are not.  Then I "throw away" the ones that are nuts.  You know, 
things you worry about that worrying about won't help?  Worry about it for a 
few minutes then put it out of your head.  I know it's easy to say and not 
easy to do, but try it.  My therapist suggests it.  Also, if you have the 
money or insurance, see a therapist.  You don't necessarily need medication 
and you're not crazy, but they can give you suggestions on how to deal with 
your thoughts and feelings and stress or depression.  It really helped me a 
lot.  Also, if you have a very close friend or significant other you can 
talk to... I told my boyfriend about my anxiety lately and said if I seem to 
be getting crazy and won't relax and I'm really uptight he is to tell me to 
stop and relax and not take no for an answer.  So, have someone make you go 
out or make you do something you enjoy (like I read a good book or take a 
nice bath).  I really hope this helps you.  If you want to talk about it 
more pleas feel free to email me privately.


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