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[IP] Re: tired, tired, tired

Hi Sherry,
     Hang in there, you aren't alone.  Sherry, I'm not DM, so I know its even 
harder for you, but I know what its like with babies that wake up all the 
time.  Somehow you just get through it, but it is so difficult getting 
through a work day.  My first son woke up 1-3 times every night until he was 
2.   Once didn't bother me at all, but on the 3 times waking nights it was 
hard to be a competent professional the next day.  
     I left work when pregnant with my second, but what I learned from the 
first baby was that it was much better to have the baby sleep with you than 
get up 3 or more times every night.  So that's what I did with number 2, 
right from the time he was born.  He is a natural cuddler and wasn't a 
squirmer, so it was easy.  We both slept much better as a result.  So perhaps 
if you go back to your "crowded" sleeping arrangements everyone will be 
happier.  This is a personal decision, but you should know that it is the 
norm in most of the world for babies to sleep with their parents--sleeping 
alone is a relatively new idea, mainly confined to north america and parts of 
     When you are tired you are going to be grumpier with your kids, I think 
that is true of all of us.  Don't feel bad about it, you are doing your best. 
 I just apologize to my kids and tell them Mummy loves them, its just that 
I'm tired, so am grumpy.  I think its good to let kids see adults apologize 
and let them know we aren't perfect.  Just give the little guy extra cuddles, 
he will forgive you!  
     I take extra B vitamins from time to time and think that these help me 
combat fatigue.  "Stress Tabs" -- these are so huge, however, I find them 
hard to swallow.  
     Good luck.  You may find a bit more energy with the springtime sun.
Barbara (Mum of Claire 7), who is also feeling very tired
> ".  The baby just isn't
> letting me sleep more than two consecutive hours and I'm tired all the 
> time.
> Plus I'm gaining weight from the b.c.
> It is a terrible feeling being drained and heavy. My endo says my thyroid
> level is where it should be with my 100 mg of Synthroid, but I don't feel 
> any
> different.
> I don't know if I'm more tired because I'm depressed or more depressed 
> because
> I'm tired, but I swear I could cry sometimes.  I yell at the baby because 
> he
> won't sleep and then I feel guilty and like a bad mother.
> He really is a good baby. He just got used to sleeping with me because of 
> our
> crowded housing arrangements after the fire and he can't seem to readjust.
> Anyway, any advice out there?  Should I try something like an herbal 
> "energy
> pill"? I really can't keep on this way and manage to work all day.
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