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Re: [IP] Stress, anxiety, depression, etc.

<< I really want and feel the need to be with my mom right now and it bothers 
me that I can't be(I am about 2 hours from home).  >>

Hi Cheri,

I feel for you and your mom.  I know how hard that is to go through a serious 
illness with a loved one.

The part of your email that I copied above, to me, says it all.  "I really 
want and feel the need to be with my mom."  Cheri, I would listen to that 
urgent desire and do what it takes to satisfy it.  We never know how long we 
will have with someone--my own love of my life died when we were both 38 yrs 
old, after 20 years together.  Regardless of the outcome of your mom's 
illness--and I hope and pray for complete recovery!--you will never regret 
the time you spent being with her and just loving her.

IMO, all those external pressures (school, internship, etc.) can be dealt 
with.  Just remember that you *always* have a choice in how you respond to 
such dreadful circumstances--you are not a prisoner of those circumstances.  
It might help to write down what is stressing you the most (e.g., being 
physically distant from your mom) and tackle that problem first.

I agree with everyone else that your health has to be a top priority.  
However, after my husband died, I just couldn't come out of my depression 
enough to care.  You do what you can do.  I would just encourage you to 
listen to your heart and to seek therapy (and possible meds) if your 
depression continues.  Your email cites several of the leading signs of 
clinical depression: lack of sleep, loss of appetite, inability to 
concentrate.  You do need to be at your best, physically, in order to deal 
with the stress of your mom's illness.

best of luck to you, and please let us know how it's going.
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