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[IP] Tired, tired, tired...

I was wondering if anyone out there had tried something similar to AM 300 or
other types of things that promise to give you energy and help you lose
weight.  I've heard some people call it "legal speed".  The baby just isn't
letting me sleep more than two consecutive hours and I'm tired all the time.
Plus I'm gaining weight from the b.c.
It is a terrible feeling being drained and heavy. My endo says my thyroid
level is where it should be with my 100 mg of Synthroid, but I don't feel any
I don't know if I'm more tired because I'm depressed or more depressed because
I'm tired, but I swear I could cry sometimes.  I yell at the baby because he
won't sleep and then I feel guilty and like a bad mother.
He really is a good baby. He just got used to sleeping with me because of our
crowded housing arrangements after the fire and he can't seem to readjust.
Anyway, any advice out there?  Should I try something like an herbal "energy
pill"? I really can't keep on this way and manage to work all day.

Sherry C
>From the massive city of Bowling Green, KY
Who is tired, tired, tired...
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