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Re: [IP] Stress, anxiety, depression, etc.


I know exactly how you feel....when everything seems to be crashing at once. I actually just went through a divorce, and you could imagine how much stress that was!! Not to mention I am forced to work in a field I am not particularly crazy about(I had worked with my ex for the past 6 years).
Just found out my Mom has a growth on her leg that was biopsied and came back cancerous...she is going for surgery this week.
Anyway, with all the madness that surrounds us in life at times, we as diabetics HAVE to make sure we take care of ourselves. It is very easy to slip into the "I don't care about anything mode"...But in reality, there is a lot to live for and look forward to.
You're mother needs you to be strong for her right now, and the only way you can do that is if you eat,try to control the BS's, and get sleep.
You might also want to look into talking to someone like a therapist.. it really can help sometimes.
If you want to talk,or need someone to listen, e-mail me and I'll give you my #.  email @ redacted
Good luck!!
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