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[IP] switching to Novolog

Hi Chanie,
   I haven't written to the IP in a while, but I saw your post.
I have a son named Johnny who is 9.  He's been on Novolog since Jan 12th.  At first I didn't see much change, but gradually as the weeks went by he started needing less insulin. It's still not a whole lot less, but I'm keeping an eye on it.  His numbers have gone down quite well.  His sets will last more than the 3 days now.  On Humalog, by the third day his numbers were getting in the high 100's to low 200's. We would usually end up changing his set after two days.  Now I have to make sure I'm counting the days or we go past 3.  His numbers are still good on the 4th day, but I don't want to go past 4 days before changing.  I switched him to Novolog because of the success that I've read that the other pumpers have had after switching.  He had a doctor's appointment last week and the doctor said that I made a good choice in asking to switch him to Novolog. He said his numbers looked much better.  Good luck with the switch.
Dianne, Mom to Johnny 9
P.S. We also switched to Quick Sets from Soft Sets.  We like them MUCH better.  They stay in longer. The soft sets were always coming out.  We started using the sets with the 6mm needle but found that they would crimp a lot during insertion.  I figured that a longer needle wouldn't have a chance to crimp as easy. So I got a box of the 9mm.  I didn't tell him that I changed.  When he did his insertion I asked him how it felt.  He said that it didn't hurt that much. (The short ones hurt quite often because of the crimping).  I think this may have been happening because he's chubby.
I told him it was a longer needle and he didn't believe me, because it didn't really hurt much. We now use only the 9mm.ones.  I guess what they say is right.  If you have the extra fat, use the longer needles and if you're skinny, use the shorter needles.
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