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RE: [IP] Freaky Toe Incident

I have had D for 16 yrs as well.  I am noticing now that I feel hot bath water
more keenly with my hands and fingers than with my feet.  I have been known to
get in too hot water and my feet and legs feel like they itch rather than
burn, but then I realize the water is too hot.  Yesterday, I was in NYC on the
ferry to Liberty and Ellis Islands and it was very cold. I turned toward the
window(and the heater).  My leg touched the heater through thick jeans and the
warmth felt good.  However, when I got up, I could tell my leg was not right.
I had a big red spot about the size of my hand on the outside of my calf where
the heater had been.  Fortunately, it was not so hot as to burn my skin, but I
will be more careful...It is sad for me to begin to see these types of things
at 35.  I have had good control for all but 2 yrs of my 16.  But I guess the
complications can't be stopped completely.

My husband  checks my feet for me every night before he goes to bed, and
usually puts lotion on them(not between the toes of course).  Maybe you could
make sure to check your feet each night so no more threads can cause a
problem. I am sure you feel lucky today to have caught the problem early

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