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[IP] Re: Gabe's Failed Site

<<So I guess you have to check about every three hours.  I can tell you that 
Gabe will hate that MORE than 3-5 injections.

These are the issues I need help resolving with the pump.  Freedom from 
syringes=slavery to the meter.

Please advise.>>

Hi Marion,
     I think you have it right.  But my daughter's point of view is the 
opposite of Gabe's.  Pre-pump she hated testing and hated needles.  Now, with 
the needles gone, she doesn't mind testing at all.  Sometimes she balks, just 
to assert her authority, I think.  
     When a site fails, your bgs climb VERY fast.  Our last "failure" was 
with the first attempt at a tummy site since last April, on December 31, 
using Quick-sets.  Morning bg for a late holiday time breakfast (10:30) was 
perfect.  Sitting around the house, a bit of snacking and boluses etc.  By 
2:30 when lunch was scheduled, she was so high she was off the meter.  
Probably a lot off the meter, as 4 units given by injection (our first 
injection since pumping began) only brought her down to the highest number on 
the meter in 2 hours.  
     Claire tests about 5 times a day in normal situations: breakfast, 11:00 
at school, 3:OO after school, pre-dinner, and around 9 at bedtime.  This 
isn't an unreasonable amount for her.  However, pre-pump it would have been. 
      For her, freedom from syringes has meant her life back.  She is a 
constant snacker!
Barbara, Mum of Claire 7
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