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 Mario Larsen <email @ redacted> wrote:

 "Aren't those the same elements in proteins and fats, just proportioned

Sorry if this was already answered.
Lipids have very little oxygen, Lipids are defined more based on function
(they don't mix with water,) and if you eat a high fat meal you actually
could end up with a lot phosphorus in your meal as phosphate associates very
strongly with certain lipids. Or you could eat a triglyceride with no P and
very little O, for instance, tristearin, which is completely saturated but
of average size, has 57C 110H and 6O.  Cholesterol, which is a lipid and
often stored with fat has only one oxygen.

Proteins are made up of amino acids.  All amino acids have C,H,O,and N two
kinds have S, and S is what strongly ties two polypeptide chains together to
make proteins like insulin, and proteins that you actually Eat a lot of.

Nucleotides have C,H,O and P.  Odds are good that if you are one of us,
(larger quantities in diabetics than the other humans) your body has tried
to digest these and discovered there is not a lot of energy to be gained.

Since fats have the fewest number of oxygens, they are the most reduced and
thus provide the most energy per molecule.
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