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[IP] Stress, anxiety, depression, etc.

I need some help here.  I need advice from someone who has gone through this. 
 Please feel free to respond off list to keep it private, if you want.  Let 
me go back to where I think it all starts.

   Right after Christmas we found out my mother has colon cancer.  From the 
start I have taken this very hard.  I am the one is is always sick, not mom.  
I have had a hard time dealing with this, all the surgery she has had to 
have, all the trips to the hospital, doctor, etc.  On top of this I have an 
internship and 19 hours at school this semester.  My grades are really 
starting to suffer b/c I just don't want to study.  I really want and feel 
the need to be with my mom right now and it bothers me that I can't be(I am 
about 2 hours from home).  Everything lately seems to be going wrong and 
everytime something else happens I feel that I am sinking a little bit 
deeper.  I can't cancentrate in my classes, I can't sleep,I don't want to be 
around people, I have no appetite and it is affecting my diabetes control.  I 
am going to HATE to see my A1C on Friday when I go to the doc.

 Can anyone give me some advice or even words of encouragement that this will 
go away.  Thanks so much!

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