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Re: [IP] Re: Gabe's failed site


  My son Joshua is now 10 years old.  He has been pumping a little over 2 
years.  It was now until after a whole year before things settled down with 
Josh and we found just the right combination of things that made his life 
with the pump successful.  We started out with the Dis Tenders (he is on a 
Dis H-Tron+ pump)  We BOTH hated those types of sets (same as sils/comforts)  
Josh is VERY skinny and he big needle and precise angle placement made this 
difficult for both of us.  I was never sure of the angle.  Plus nothing would 
stick to Josh.  Plus his sites would only last maybe 36 hours.  First 
problem, short site was cured by mixing a little regular in with the Humalog 
to act as a buffer.  This was an INSTANT fix.  Next we found out about 
MAstisol Liquid Adhesive (there are several types of medical adhesive out 
there)  This works GREAT for us, especially after I was told to fan it until 
it gets a little tacky before inserting (always leave a center area free of 
M.)  The last thing we did was decide to try some of MM's Sof-SEts MICROS 
(these have the smallest canula length-6mm)  And it has the insertion 
edevice.  This made both MY life and Josh's life easier at insertion time.  
Then I had to convince Josh to allow me to start using other areas other than 
his tummy.  When sites were falling off we were averaging 5-6 sites in 7 
days-ALL in his tummy.  Josh actually went off the pump for a few months (his 
request) to allow his tummy to heal.  When we went back on everything clicked 
and we have never looked back.  But believe me, there are people on this list 
that can tell you that we went through H--- before it all went together.  Now 
his A1C's have finally gone DOWN.  They went UP the first year of pumping!!!! 
 I wanted to quit many times in that first year but this was Josh's life and 
I was determined to figure it all out.  Finally getting around to reading the 
PI book REALLY helped too.  That and this list.
I'm happy to say that life with the pump is GREAT now, but it was NOT a happy 
beginning for us.  Anything that could go wrong went wrong.  But we figured 
it out, stuck with it, and now can't even imagine going back to shots, even 
for a day!!
So, start searcing for different variables that might make things work for 
you and Gabe.  Try the Sils.  A lot of people swear by them.  We just didn't 
like them.  But that was US.  If sites aren't staying on try some liquid 
adhesive.  MM has samples of  many types they will send for FREE.  Sites not 
lasting.?  Try the mixture.  A lot of people do and find it really helps make 
the sites last a lot longer.  But before you do any of this talk to y our 
team and let them know what you have learned from other pumpers.  It's 
important to keep those guys in the loop.

Oh, by the way we average around 6-7 BG checks a day.  That isn't that many.  
Not really!

Good Luck and MArion, feel free to contact me personally if you need/want to 

mom to Joshua
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