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[IP] high fat night

  Hi all. We were up every few hours lastnight trying to bring down a "popcorn
high!" This morning we read the box and found out that it has 11 grams of
fat/serving and the bag (he ate it all) had 3 servings! (it only had 2 1/2
servings actually when measured)

My question is, are we more insulin resistant at night? And if so, why then
are his basals lower at night than daytime. If he doesnt have this snack at
night his bg's are very consistent for the night. He was 250 at 2 hours out
from his "fat snack", we bolused .6 units and he raised 10 pts! We bolused .6
again, and he stayed the same. We bolused again (all 1.5 hours- 2 hours apart)
and he dropped 10 pts! We just don't get it! After all was said and done, 6 am
he was still 205! He had 2 units or more during the night. GEEZ.

I know fat kicks in 3-4 hours after...but my question is why didnt bolusing

Thanks from one tired pup.

Oh, and if you haven't donated to IP group yet...do it while you still can get
PUMPY! He's adorable!  He now sits on my computer very happy!

Mom to Kevin, 13, dx 12/98
pumping 5/99

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