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[IP] Re: Gabe's pump

> Now here is Gabe's thinking.  He says he wants to totally master how the
> works; he is willing to go through a month or two of site problems, extra
> b.g. checks and etc.  He wants to try his Paradigm pump when it comes.  I
> ordered him a few pieces of clothing with the extra pockets because the
> "lounging" with the pump clipped to him with regular boxers/pjs was
> him and he wanted pockets.
> Marion
> Gabe
> Victoria (still packed away because she has no insertion devices for Gabe
> right now)

Sure sounds like Gabe is a mature, self-sufficient young man. I'm proud of
his trying to take control of his situation -- that will be the best in the
long run. DM causes us inconveniences no matter what we do or how we treat,
but he's going to come out on top no matter the outcome and it will be
because he chose the best for him -- not what other pumpers think he should

BTW, why did he name his pump Victoria? ;) Just curious - some of us have
*excuses* (not real reasons) why we chose our pumps' names. YMMV (~_^)

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