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[IP] I'm feeing better and am back since surgery

To everyone who wished me well about three weeks ago, Thanks.

I am doing fine, driving my car, and going up and down the stairs in our 
house.  The whole surgical procedure and hospital stay has made me appreciate 
simple things like being able to go to the bathroom unassisted and deciding 
that all I want to eat for breakfast might be a half of a cup of fruit rather 
than a whole meal.  

When I went in my blood sugar was about 150 and stayed there throughout 
surgery.  As instructed by my pump doctor I set a temporary basal of 0.8 for 
12 hours.  In addition I set the beep volume at the lowest setting it could 
be on and told the anethisist (sp) staff that they may hear a slight beep 
every hour on the hour, and that was fine.  I was expected to be in surgery 
for an hour and a half and be in recovery for about the same amount of time.  
The surgery was scheduled for 9 and if I remember correctly I was taken in 
about ten minutes before that.  Next think I remember was being in my bed in 
my room.  About two thirty I had the where with all to take the temporary 
basal off and go to my regular basal settings.  Since it was to be (and was) 
a bikini cut for a hysterectomy the afternoon before I had changed everything 
and put the sil in my upper arm.  

Looking back, the blood sugar stuff was all explainable.  The day after 
surgery my pump doc came in about 6:15 in the morning and asked me how my 
blood sugars were doing and I told him that even if I repeatedly tried to get 
them down with my sliding scale adjustment factor I could not get them lower 
than 180.  He looked up at the IV bag that was dripping into me and said that 
he would fix it.  He left the room and came back within about three minutes.  
Five minutes later a nurse came and changed the bag.  He said that I was 
fighting sugar in the D5W iv bag and that it was being changed to normal 
saline.  I then tested, did my normal sliding scale correction bolus to get 
my blood sugar to 100 and within a half hour my sugars were normal.

I did spend one extra day in the hospital (for a total of three overnights) 
because of the passing gas thing.  I was ever so glad to come home because at 
home I can do a better job of counting carbs and figuring insulin boluses for 
the food.

Thanks for your concern,
Cee Dee
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