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[IP] Re: Gallbladder surgery

I hope they let her keep the pump on.  I would have been much happier during 
my appendix situations in December if the surgeon had not been so arrogant 
about his "non-knowledge of diabetes.  "I've done many pancreas 
transplants." Wahoo! (note sarcasm)  If they don't let her wear her pump 
(they should, unless they are stuck-up, snobbies who think they know better 
than everyone in the world, including a patient who has dealt with diabetes 
her whole life and knows what she needs to do to control it in most 
situations), make sure they understand that without her pump, she will have 
no insulin circulating in her system, and that they therefore do not need a 
glucose drip.  My bloodsugar stayed well over 250 for about 48 hours after 
my surgery because the ignorant surgeon put me on glucose when I had no 
insulin in my body.  Explain to the surgeon about her diabetes regimen, even 
what you think he ought to know already.  Never assume that all doctors know 
everything.  Most don't.  Sorry for the bitterness of this post.  It was my 
first surgery and I will now know how to handle any surgery I have in the 
future.  Oh, and I waited about a month and a half before I tried using my 
lower abdomen again (three incisions, one in the belly button, one to the 
right of the belly button and one lower and on the left).

--Kate, dxd 10/91, pumping 8/98

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Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2002 17:08:12 -0600
From: "Deborah" <email @ redacted> Subject: [IP] Gallbladder surgery

Hi all,

Now I need help, Eve will have her surgery on March 7th. We have some school
field trips and family things we could not move, thats why there is a
three-week wait and more doctor visits (oh fun).

Anyone have this surgery while on the pump? Im thinking that if she put her
site in her leg that day she could keep her pump on. I hope the surgeon (one
of the doctor visits yet to come) will let her have her pump on during
surgery. This will be a day surgery. Anything that anyone could tell me,
would help. What about blood sugars after surgery will they be higher? Do we
tape the pump to her some how for surgery? When can she use her abdomen
again for sites?

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