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Re: [IP] Re:animas pump (units missed before MM alarm)/Pumping

Gabe and I had a long talk yesterday.  He says he wants to try the pump 
again, probably we will ask to try a different set, maybe the Sil set.  I 
actually asked for the Sil based on all the information the experts on this 
list posted.  But the CDE said the insertion device was "awkward".  What do I 
know?  It seemed scary to Gabe to insert the set manually, so we went with 
the "Quick-set".

Now here is Gabe's thinking.  He says he wants to totally master how the pump 
works; he is willing to go through a month or two of site problems, extra 
b.g. checks and etc.  He wants to try his Paradigm pump when it comes.  I 
ordered him a few pieces of clothing with the extra pockets because the 
"lounging" with the pump clipped to him with regular boxers/pjs was bothering 
him and he wanted pockets.

He says (Gabe), once he completely knows how to use the Paradigm and it works 
well, then he will make the decision whether he wants to pump or use 
injections.  He says he may pump for a while and then go back to shots or 
vice versa, but he wants to completely know everything about pumping before 
he decides.  His biggest issue was indeed, not liking having something 
attached to him and having to disconnect to shower and etc.  (The Paradigm is 
waterproof and can be used in the shower).

Well, I think Gabe is an awfully smart kid.  If that is what he wants, I am 
in for the "game".  I will call the doctor today and ask for appointments and 
appointments until we master the set insertion stuff.

I am not looking forwards to setting the basals and the fasting stuff, but so 
be it.  I don't get any sleep as it is.  The meal dosing on the pump (for the 
24 hours we had it) was splendid (as it is on MDI) and it was lovely not to 
fill those syringes and try to figure out how much they held.

So, Gabe will be an expert on MDI and the pump in a couple of months and I 
will have to let him decide.  And I will stand behind him, whatever he 

Thanks for all your help.........list members.

Victoria (still packed away because she has no insertion devices for Gabe 
right now)

PS  Anybody in the L.A. area using the Sil and Sil serter who can give us a 
demo?  I think the doctor might be booked for a week or two before we can get 
an appointment.  I want to make use of Gabe's willingness to retry the thing.
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