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[IP] Re:animas pump (units missed before MM alarm)

In a message dated 2/17/02 9:49:06 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<<  For the Minimed 508, it can be up to 7.2 units missing before an alarm 
sounds. >>

Marion, I guess you said before where you got this info, but it surely is a 
very worst case scenario.  A few months ago I had blocked tubing (only time 
in nearly 3.5 years), and, in the several tries of things it took to figure 
out what was going on, the pump always alarmed within 1.0 -1.2 units of a 
bolus.  That is my memory of the amount of bolus needed to start an alarm in 
the early weeks, the few times I had site problems, and of the time I had 
static electricity problems.  This clogging problem was the only time my pump 
has not delivered insulin in close to 3 years.  And it occurred after a set 
change, which for me would be the most likely time to have a problem.

But, my goodness, if Gabe can control his diabetes that well on injections, 
and prefers injections, why change? (In a previous post you said << B.G. all 
day was 84-120 (120 was two hours after breakfast).  No hypos.>>)  Most of us 
on this list couldn't (actually most of us on this list can't control our 
diabetes that well on the pump!)  If his preference changes, you can 

Linda Z  
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