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Re: [IP] my not so scary night

On another issue - during all this I was also doing a
24 hour urine.  I had filled up the container given to
me by the lab by 11pm and only had containers that had
contained juice so I was to worried about it messing
up the results even after washing.  So I missed
collection of three voids (drinking and going alot
because of prego).  So my question is - will that make
my results inaccurate?  I am going to take them to the
lab and tell my ob and endo what happened.  Thanks
again - usually I am pretty elf sufficient but
pregnancy makes me a bit nervous - christa

Usually labs will give two containers - please do the test over but ask for
two. You want the results to be accurate. If you don't use the second jug,
it can be used at another time if you get only one. With my kidneys failing
my output is usually not even a full one. The last test I *went* about 3-4
oz more so I put that in a zipper-type plastic bag, then that one in another
to double it. (~_^)

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