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[IP] Freaky Toe Incident

Saturday night I went to the movies and my foot had been aching some.  My shoes rub a little and I just got used to ignoring it.  (After 16 years of D and no foot problems, I guess I got a little lax). Anyway, several hours later when I got home and took my socks and shoes off, I was shocked to see that two of my toes were very swollen and purple. When I looked closely, I found that a long thread was tightly wrapped around the two toes.  How that happened I don't know. Anyway, I removed the thread and the toes are okay now, but I wonder how long I might have gone before checking on them.  Sometimes I just remove my shoes and sleep in my socks.  What if I hadn't checked until morning?  I wonder if my foot would now be in big trouble. I do know I
have a little loss of sensation in my hands and feet because I have to be very careful testing the baby's bath water and I have sometimes burnt my palm on a hot car without noticing. But it's scary to find out what could happen. I always wondered why my pediatrician scolded me so hard about checking my feet every day.  I guess I will check them more often now.

Sherry C
>From the massive city of Bowling Green, KY
Who has freaky thread toes.
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