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[IP] my not so scary night

Well my night went fine - the new set worked out. 
Someone suggested that maybe I hadn't tightened the
connection between the tubing and resevoir enough - I
will watch that but I also heard from MM the last ime
I went through this that overtightening can cause a
crack and therefore a leak.  I am still anxious about
the rest of the box of infusion sets - maybe it was a
fluke but I hope others aren't prone to leaking.  I
test enough sooo we'll see.

On another issue - during all this I was also doing a
24 hour urine.  I had filled up the container given to
me by the lab by 11pm and only had containers that had
contained juice so I was to worried about it messing
up the results even after washing.  So I missed
collection of three voids (drinking and going alot
because of prego).  So my question is - will that make
my results inaccurate?  I am going to take them to the
lab and tell my ob and endo what happened.  Thanks
again - usually I am pretty elf sufficient but
pregnancy makes me a bit nervous - christa

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