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[IP] Re: Gabe's failed site

Dear Marion,

If you do decide to try the pump again, I would definitely try another
set.  I've been on the pump for two months, and I didn't have any luck
with the Sof-sets.  Half the time they wouldn't even go in; however, it
was when I got the "no delivery" alarm, couldn't get the next two sets
in, and the one I did get in failed after a few hours, I switched to the
Silhouettes.  Much, much better!  I've only had one "no delivery" alarm
and that was after 3 1/2 days.

Concerning Gabe's frequent blood testing, I'm not the one to answer that.
 I've always tested 12-15 times a day, and am now testing even more
frequently.  I've had great Hba1c's on MDI, and I'm finding it very
interesting how certain foods affect blood sugars.  (Couldn't tell that
on MDI, since I was on Ultralente, Regular, Humalog, and Lente.)

My prayer is that what's best for Gabe will be apparent to you.  I can
tell that you're very much in tune with his needs and concerns.

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