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Re: [IP] Re: suspending when low-calculations to show what to do

A simple calulation can be done to show that it not necessary to stop the dump during a low for certain.What conditions should you stop the pump.
If my pump rate is 0.5 unit/hr, if I am at 40 bs. I take food as fast as I can and the bs goes up to say 60 bs in 10 min. and still going to say 160 bs in 30 min. If my calibration rate is 1 unit of insulin/40 bs units. In 30 min. AT 0.5 unit/hr I will have delivered 0.25 units of insulin or 0.25 x 40 bs/unit insulin or bs would have fallen 10 bs units. In 10 min. 10/60 x 0.5 units of insulin would have been delivered or bs change would be 40 bs/insulin x 10/60 x 0.5 = 0.333 bs unit.

To repeat this calculation for your purposes you need: (1) rate delivery for the pump, (2)recovery time from low and (3)calibration curves in units of bs units/ units of insulin.
My conclusion for me using my numbers(recovery from low 10 mins or 30 mins,40 bs/units of insulin and 0.5 insulin units/hr pump rate) it is better to eat or drink fast acting carbo immediately. It would be better to go over this calculation with you medical team before  drawing conclusions.
Take cure of your self.

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> Does anyone know if you're supposed to suspend when you realize you're
> having a low?>>>
> Lauren,
> I don't *know*, I just use a pump and am an over-qualified DMer. ;)  Anyway,
> the insulin in the system at the time of the low was delivered probably 2
> hours prior. Suspending *during* a low is going to affect the body 2 hours
> from then. The brain functions on glucose and during a low the brain is not
> in it's proper thinking mode. *My* advice is to NOT do anything to the pump.
> Treating the low with fast carbs is what is necessary.
> We recently had a member who delivered 2 units of insulin during a low
> instead of trying to suspend. Leave it alone to avoid this situation.
> Humalog works more like *real time* than Regular or Velosulin, but it isn't
> *instant* as in *turn it off you won't get any insulin right now* thinking.
> Even I once had a low so bad I had a temporary vision loss and forgot I had
> candy on the headboard so I tried to get to the kitchen for food. On the way
> I remembered hearing about suspending. I tried and couldn't see the buttons
> on my pump. I thought I remembered it correctly and while walking I heard
> click, click, click....  Well, instead of suspending, I delivered 1.9u of
> insulin! I will NOT attempt it again - if I'm in my right mind. :) BTW, I
> LOVE those clicks!! YMMV
> hmmmmm - I wonder, if MiniMed dispenses with those clicks and that would
> happen again and the user not realize the accidental delivery, will there be
> grounds for a lawsuit??? (~_^)
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