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[IP] Re: suspending when low

From: email @ redacted

Does anyone know if you're supposed to suspend when you realize you're
having a low?>>>


I don't *know*, I just use a pump and am an over-qualified DMer. ;)  Anyway,
the insulin in the system at the time of the low was delivered probably 2
hours prior. Suspending *during* a low is going to affect the body 2 hours
from then. The brain functions on glucose and during a low the brain is not
in it's proper thinking mode. *My* advice is to NOT do anything to the pump.
Treating the low with fast carbs is what is necessary.

We recently had a member who delivered 2 units of insulin during a low
instead of trying to suspend. Leave it alone to avoid this situation.
Humalog works more like *real time* than Regular or Velosulin, but it isn't
*instant* as in *turn it off you won't get any insulin right now* thinking.

Even I once had a low so bad I had a temporary vision loss and forgot I had
candy on the headboard so I tried to get to the kitchen for food. On the way
I remembered hearing about suspending. I tried and couldn't see the buttons
on my pump. I thought I remembered it correctly and while walking I heard
click, click, click....  Well, instead of suspending, I delivered 1.9u of
insulin! I will NOT attempt it again - if I'm in my right mind. :) BTW, I
LOVE those clicks!! YMMV

hmmmmm - I wonder, if MiniMed dispenses with those clicks and that would
happen again and the user not realize the accidental delivery, will there be
grounds for a lawsuit??? (~_^)

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