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Re: [IP] Re: Gabe's failed site

At 11:52 PM 2/16/02 -0500, you wrote:
 >breakfast bolus of 3.5 units.
 >5 unit per hour basal (common for small kids).
 >lunch about 7 hours later (somewhat delayed lunch).
 >That is 3.5 units for bolus and 3.5 units for basal or a total of 7 units in
 >7 hours.  If he doesn't check during that period, (which is not required to
 >do), then he could technically go 7 hours without insulin, not even a meal
 >bolus, and not know it because the alarm could go as much as 7.2 units of
 >nondelivery before it is activated.
 >So I guess you have to check about every three hours.  I can tell you that
 >Gabe will hate that MORE than 3-5 injections.
 >Tonight he is off at a party.  B.G. all day was 84-120 (120 was two hours
 >after breakfast).  No hypos.  He took his Ultralente before he left.  Has no
 >meter with him, but has glucose tabs and will definitely take them if he
 >feels low and/or is very active.  EVEN if I underdosed dinner and he is high
 >when he comes home at 12 or 1 a.m., there is NO chance of DKA.  None.  I
 >couldn't feel that confidence with the pump.  Could you?  Would you insist
 >on a b.g. check in that 5-6 hour period?  Would you send an extra set to the
 >party?  What if your child cannot do a site change alone? Would you then get
 >dressed and run to the party and help?  Gabe had four injectons today.  Now
 >he is free all night til bedtime.  He feels free and I feel he is safe.
 >These are the issues I need help resolving with the pump.  Freedom from
 >syringes=slavery to the meter.

Hi Sharon,

I have a question. If you're so happy with MDI then why are you considering 
the pump in the first place?  My feeling is, if you and Gabe are happy with 
the current state of affairs and he's able to keep his blood sugars in 
range on MDI, then why change anything?  From what you've told us on list 
everything seems to be perfect.

If you're getting pressure from the endo find out why.  If you're not 
convinced the reason is valid tell him/her that this is your's and Gabe's 
life and you'll do as you see best.

If you are seriously considering the pump, please continue to write to this 
board as we are willing to help in any way possible.

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