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[IP] Exporting data from ezManager to Excel

Hi folks,

I know several people have been wondering about "how the heck do
I get data out of ezManager and into something else?".  Well, since
ezManager's built-in graphing does not do what I want, I had to
figure/find out how to export data.

Here's the steps to export out to tab delimited format in
ezManager (and these steps are NOT EZ or intuitive).  Go to
the Logs pull-down menu and select something, like BG. Select
your desired date range and click on Print Logs (yes, printing
is how you export to another file format). A print preview
screen will then pop up.  On the right hand side, and towards
the top of the screen, there is a drop-down list that is set
to Printer.  There are 3 choices in the drop-down: Printer,
Text File, and Export Data.  Choose Export Data and then
click on the printer icon.  This will create a file called
c:\windows\desktop\rpt.asc.  This is a version of your log
data in a tab delimited format.  And I have not found a method
to let you choose a different file name and/or location to
write it to.  Maybe in the next version of ezManager.  Oh,
this only works in the v2.6 version and later.

Now, to get it into Excel.  Launch Excel, do a File Open and
choose c:\windows\desktop\rpt.asc for the file and select Text
Files for the file type.  It will then pop up a dialog called
the Text Import Wizard.  Choose DELIMITED and click NEXT. From
the next dialog, select TAB as the delimiter and click NEXT.
Click FINISH on the next dialog.  You now have the data in
Excel and it is separated into columns. You can now do anything
you wish with the data, but I know some want to do a line graph
of the data.  So, select all of the rows containing your data.
An easy way to do this is click on the gray square located between
1 and A on the spreadsheet.  Go to the INSERT pull-down menu and
choose CHART.  You can then choose any type of chart/graph you
wish.  I normally go with LINE and then use the preview option to
determine which type of line graph I want.  Once you find your
graph, click on FINISH and it is put into the spreadsheet. You can
drag the graph around on the spreadsheet and position where you
want it.

Have fun,

John Hughes

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