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[IP] Reply to question about inserting sets

Hi All -

For what it's worth, I agree exactly with Brian's routine for the order for
inserting sets.  I use silhouettes exclusively, have been on the pump for two
years and two months, and have only had one set fail.  I test a lot, and I
should have figured out what was going on - got hysterical when the blood
sugar got over 500, and started taking shots of Humalog while the pump was
still running in its site.  Next time, I'll know - out with the old site, in
with a new one.  Once I changed sites, pump worked fine again.  Ever read all
that stuff that comes paked in your pump stuff?  It's right on the money -
listen to what it says, and believe your glucometer.  If it says you're high,
then fix it right away - don't hope it'll get better - it won't.  While I'm
new to the pump, I've had diabetes (Type 1) for 38 years, and I should have
known better.

Take care, you pumpers!  Jane and "Chance"
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