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Re: [IP] Gallbladder surgery

>>>Anyone have this surgery while on the pump? I'm thinking that if she put
her site in her leg that day she could keep her pump on. I hope the surgeon
(one of the doctor visits yet to come) will let her have her pump on during
surgery. This will be a day surgery. Anything that anyone could tell me,
would help. What about blood sugars after surgery will they be higher? Do we
tape the pump to her some how for surgery? When can she use her abdomen
again for sites? I need the basics here. Deborah>>>


I started pumping 8/83 and had my gall bladder removed 11/93. The surgeon
told me he would do it laproscopy, but depending on the severity it might be
the long incision. I was *prepared* for the worst, but I have 3 tiny little
scars that are barely visible (hugsy just checked). This was back when my
pump had one basal rate and delivered in whole units only. I don't recall
(Hillary Syndrome) how I did the pump, but do not remember receiving shots
or being disconnected at all.

They kept me over night due to the DM, but that was a Thursday and the
following Monday I took hugsband in for a tonsilectomy/adenoidectomy with
the removal of his uvula and soft pallette tissue. On Wednesday I got
groceries and steered that cart around the supermarket. When I got home, I
announced I was very tired - then I remembered I had had my gall bladder
removed less than a week before.

As far as higher BGs, keep an hourly check and adjust as necessary. Being as
young as she is (I was 54) and under good control with the pump, she should
do very well.

This is the best I can do for you as you know, YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary)
See if you can talk to the anesthesiologist before the surgery - that's
probably your best bet. (~_^)

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