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[IP] Removing the set

>Sharon Boy am I SLOW, I get the part where you take the front part of the 
>tape off, but I don't get the part where you slide a needle in .( I want 
>to take it all out)...do I put the inserter needle back in the site when 
>pulling it all off?) I am so sorry everyone that I am so hard headed!! 
>Thank you so much for your patience with me!!!

A lot of us saw your first post and thought you were asking about inserting 
the set.  No, you do not need to reinsert the needle to remove the set, 
that would probably cause your daughter a bit of pain.  I can't speak for 
the children, since I've not had the experience of a child pumping, but 
other parents may know of easier ways to remove the set.  I've not had any 
discomfort removing them, but then, I'm an adult and my perception of pain 
and discomfort may be quite different from that of a child.  I always 
removed the set the opposite way that I inserted it, removing the back tape 
first and then pulling it out.  Other parents, do you have any suggestions 
for easier tape removal and set removal?

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