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[IP] Gallbladder surgery

Hi all,

We found out yesterday that Eve needs gallbladder surgery. She has been sick
for a few months now and the power that be (the doctors) have spoken. After
a few doctors visits and a few E.R. visits (these E.R. doctors know
nothing, see rant below) and two invasive tests to boot .At least 4 whole
days of missed school and about 7 + half days. If I sound cynical I am (see
rant below), I had this diagnosed a month ago, after the first E.R. visit (I
had my gallbladder taken out 6 months ago).

Now I need help, Eve will have her surgery on March 7th. We have some school
field trips and family things we could not move, thats why there is a
three-week wait and more doctor visits (oh fun).

Anyone have this surgery while on the pump? Im thinking that if she put her
site in her leg that day she could keep her pump on. I hope the surgeon (one
of the doctor visits yet to come) will let her have her pump on during
surgery. This will be a day surgery. Anything that anyone could tell me,
would help. What about blood sugars after surgery will they be higher? Do we
tape the pump to her some how for surgery? When can she use her abdomen
again for sites? I need the basics here.
Could her dysfunctional gallbladder at a young age be a complication of


We go to the doctors clinic (Eves family doctor) nearest our home and it
is owned by a large medical group, the hospital (our doctors have privileges
there) nearest our home is owned by a competing large medical group. The
hospital WILL NOT send any information to our clinic unless requested
several times. The hospital (the hospital runs their own clinic) says they
send ALL E.R. reports to our clinic without having our clinic requesting
them, but they dont. In the 6 visits to the E.R. our family has been to
this hospital, they have NEVER EVER sent reports and we have seen our family
doctor from a few weeks to months later. They also dont send any results
from diagnosed tests back to our doctors even when ask to. When we ask them
to send the results back to our doctors (we provide them with the clinic
name and doctors name) they dont. We are talking about two small towns next
to each other, one has the hospital/clinic the other has the clinic we go to
(they are about 5 miles from each other). In talking to one of staff at the
hospital, she told me off the record, that because they are competing
medical groups and clinics, they (the hospital) make it difficult for the
competing clinic (our clinic) to receive things. The clinic we go to has
been around for more the 30 years and the hospital and their clinic have
been here less then 5 years.

 The E.R. staff (the triage nurse, the nurse and the doctor) all asked what
symptoms Eve had and ALL OF THEM WROTE THE WRONG SYMPTOMS. It wasnt until 4
hours later and at 3a.m.(we were in the E.R. room for over 4 hours, not
counting the time in the waiting room), that they got it right. They also
lacked A BASIC KNOWLEDGE ABOUT DIABETES. The hospital lab didnt even run
the tests that the E.R. doctor ordered. Something didnt add up and we
called the hospital lab to make sure all the tests the E.R. doctor ordered
were run, they werent. Eve ended up going back 2 days later and having to
give samples again for the ordered tests.

If Eve had not been in the horrible pain she was in, we would have driven
the 30 miles to the hospital that her endo is with (same medical group as
our clinic, they send things back and forth just fine) and not the 8 miles
to the nearest hospital.

Sorry about the long rant.
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