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Re: [IP] Re: Gabe's failed site

In a message dated 2/16/2002 12:43:47 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> diabetes in school so much easier to manage and his disease less 
> noticeable.  His friends think his pump is high-tech and cool...so 
> much cooler than injections!  But the biggest seller was the 
> increased energy level he got back and his much improved A1C's.  His 
> most recent was 6.9.  Pretty okay for a 15 year old who likes the 
> typical teen fare...high fat, high carb fast food!

Gabe's HBA1C was 5.8 on 3-4 shots a day with minimal lows.  However, I can 
see with only 1 day of trying that the PUMP is far superior in insulin 
delivery; much easier to correct highs; far superior for basal flexibility 
and much more accurate meal dosing.

We were relieved that the set insertion, at least at the doctors office, was 
really painless for the most part.  

What disturbs me is my most recent conversation with MiniMed; it takes 4-6 
units of missing insulin delivery for an alarm to be activated and it can be 
as much as 7.2 units before it alarms.  THAT IS about 6-8 hours with a basal 
of .5.  With MDI, Gabe really can go 6-8 hours without checking if he was 
normal at the last meal and doesn't feel hypo.  With the pump, he will be 
forced to check every 3-4 hours on the chance of an undetected occulsion or 
bad site.  I would like to know how the rest of you deal with that.

I know that eventually you get good sites for longer periods of time.  But 
what about that one time you don't have a good site? You may not know if for 
many, many hours and then you have to STOP and change site and inject and 
continue to check frequently. 

Last night we were just sitting down to our Sabbath meal.  We blessed the 
children.  We blessed the wine (grape juice for Gabe).  We said a special 
prayer of thanks that Gabe was fortunate enough to have a pump now and we 
were grateful how wonderful it worked.  We blessed the bread.  Then Gabe 
checked his b.g. in preparation for eating; I was sure the two boluses (3.2 
units total) would have brought him down to a reasonable number but he was up 
from 87 to 246.

My husband entertained the house full of dinner guests and Gabe and my 
daughter and I (plus the doctor on call and MiniMed rep) tried to change the 
site.  Gabe was upset because he was starved but I wouldn't let him eat til 
the injected Humalog began to lower his b.g.

So that was our 24 hours with the pump. 

I am playing it cool.  I told him I want him to retry when his Paradigm 
arrives.  I plan to make a couple of visits (maybe 1x a week ) to the CDE to 
practice doing sets.  And, of course, a reward for bravery!!!! That goes 
without saying.

Thanks for your concern.

Victoria (back in the box; divorced or temporarily separated from Gabe)
all very tired
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