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Re: [IP] Family Friend's 6 yr Old Boy Newly Diagnosed with IDDM

Marcy wrote:
> I thought that you guys might have some good ideas as to what to
> include.  Here's what I've been thinking about:
> - --Make D a part of the family's everyday conversations
> - --The more you learn about D, the less you have to fear.
> - --Don't feel guilty, or feel sorry for the boy.
> - --Set up a 504 plan.
> What else could I include????


>From the child's point of view, I would highly suggest that exposing him to
other DM kids is crucial. I went 5 yrs before meeting another one and
thought I was the only one in the world - then I knew there were two. It's a
lonely feeling. Sending the boy to DM camp is also very important. I never
had that opportunity but from my understanding, it does wonders for
self-esteem, control, education, as well as lasting friendships. When
testing, they should not use words like *good* and *bad* - the tests are for
information for that moment to act on or not.

And the most important thing would be to get a doctor who will work WITH
them  and not try to keep control of their situation. Pumping is the gold
standard of DM care today and they should want the best for their son -
until a cure.

Oh, and if he wants to cry, cry with him. This is a scary *curse* and he
doesn't know his future outcome. He will have some notions in his head that
he isn't expressing. Encouraging him to talk about his feelings will help
reveal any misconceptions or *contrived* fallacies. As one DMer said, they
only heard the word as DIEbetes.

Some books from ADA for children might help - even the Rufus bear from one
of the pump companies. If they hide from DM he will feel ashamed/embarassed
when someone finds out. Sometime in the future as he becomes more aware, let
him read stories about Gary Hall the Olympic gold medalist swimmer, Miss
America '99 (hey, a boy might like that!) <vbg> Mary Tyler Moore, as well as
other successful DMers who are in the limelight and well respected. I wonder
where there is a list? Michael?

My best to this child and his family. (~_^)

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