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Re: [IP] Pump is out

In a message dated 2/15/2002 10:51:09 PM Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> We had only 1 extra set; we tried to get it in but it wouldn't stay in 
>  set/softserter).  After three attempts (two calls to Minimed), we gave up; 
>  the area was sore and bleeding.
>  Since we had not more sets, we quit.  

First, I'm surprised they sent you home pumping insulin after only having 
done one insertion aand with only one extra set.  (and personally, I would 
have had you go home with Quick-sets & the Quick-serter as I think they are 
much easier to use thaan the sof-serter -- but that's my own bias).  After 3 
tries, sore and bleeding, I don't blame either of you for stopping -- it's 
not supposed to feel like that.  Were you trying to do all the insertions in 
the same area? (just thought you might have been because of the sore and 
bleeding comment) 

One thing to know for the future (if you don't already) is that you always 
want to move your sites around .  .  .  My Katie will (so far) only do sites 
on her tummy, so we basically divide it into four quadrants and alternate 
between right and left side, and upper to lower each set change and use the 
whole tummy all the way out to her sides. 

Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!  I feel very frustrated on yours & Gabe's behalf.  I really 
feel like you didn't get very got hands-on practice before being sent home 
(and you certainly weren't given enough supplies).

> I gave him H in the abdomen (2 units) 
>  while we were changing the set and he immediately dropped 1o 167 from 246 
>  a matter of an hour.  That tells me that the set wasn't working because 
>  Humalog did not drop him at all from the pump; in fact, he continued to 

You're right on the money there.  Did you happen to notice if the cannula was 
kinked (bent) or not when you removed the old set?  When you go back in for 
(hopefully) more training on insertions, you may want to look more closely at 
the Quick-sets and the Sils --even if you want to try the sof-sets again, it 
would be worth it to be prepared to deal with inserting the various types of 
sets because some just work better for some people than others . . . If gabe 
doesn't want to become a human pin cushion, mom, dad or some of those 
siblings can volunteer for some practice insertions . . . 

Don't let one bad set discourage you two.  It's VERY, VERY common with new 
pumpers.  If you're going to bother with trying pumping at all you have to 
give it a couple months at least to work out what works the best for you 
(just like you did on MDI -- I'm sure you didn't start out with amazing 
control and few lows,right?)

Hang in there!

PUmpmama to Katie
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