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[IP] Re: removing infusion sets

In a message dated 2/16/2002 3:17:07 AM Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> I just want it to go painless and quick removing it all
>  now.  We used a silhouette.  Do I remove the front tape first and pull the
>  needle out or undo the back tape too and then pull it
>  out?  

I'm not really familiar with the sils, but I did want to chime in with a 
suggestion to first apply something that will "de-activate" the adhesive 
that's holding the set to her skin.  

We use Unisolve (individual pads), dab it on the adhesive tape, lets it soak 
for a bit, then gently lift up the tape all the way around before removing 
the cannula (we lift straight up, because we use the Quick sets with a  
straight-in cannula -- with a sil, I imagine you'd want to slide it back, 
opposite the way it went in).  

I know there are other things to use beside Unisolve (baby oil comes to mind) 
 but I think its a good idea to use something so that you're not pulling on 
the skin to get the set off . . . you know how much just getting a Band-aid 
off can hurt some times, and with Unisolve, we've found that we can 
completely avoid all that.

Pumpmama to Katie
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