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Re: [IP] Pump is out

On 16 Feb 2002 at 9:34, jhughey wrote:

> > We had only 1 extra set; we tried to get it in but it wouldn't stay in
> > (Soft
> > set/softserter).  After three attempts (two calls to Minimed), we gave up;
> > the area was sore and bleeding.

> hmmmm....I keep lots of extra sets (3 mo at a time)..when I am on the last
> box, I reorder............ you.....Beverly
> ======
> But I believe Marion and Gabe are doing a trial with a loaner pump,
> therefore, no extra boxes around.
> Jan (~_^)

I understood that "trials" of an insulin pump were to be done using saline solution only?   That is what Minimed ~insisted~ when I did my comparison trial of their pump after 
I had tried the Disetronic. They were VERY emphatic on that point and I would not have even considered doing insulin as you cannot get a fair comparison without weeks 
(or months) of being on a pump before you'll have comparable numbers.

IMO, trying a pump for a few days on insulin is inviting adversity.

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