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Re: [IP] First set Change

>Thanks Brian!! I think I have it figured out on how to insert the site..I 
>just want it to be painless when I ..remove... the site as this is her 
>deciding factor tomorrow if she wants the pump or not..I want it to go 
>well. Inserting went fine. Does anyone have discomfort at the site , with 
>no signs of infection...just discomfort?

If I recall from my instructions for using the Tender (same as Silhouette), 
you remove the tape cover on the side closest to the needle, hold it back 
with your fingertip, insert, stick down, then remove the other half of the 
tape paper.  That way, it's stuck down while you're trying to remove the 
other tape paper and will cause less movement, etc.   Stick down that tape, 
then remove the needle.  I'm not sure of what type of discomfort you're 
referring to, but if it hurts, it could mean that you have the cannula 
inserted too deep or too shallow, which can cause some pain.  When I used 
the Tenders, I inserted at only about 20 degrees which was most comfortable 
for me.  I'm not sure your daughter's age, but if she's young with little 
fat, you might need to insert less than the 30 degrees given in the 
instructions.  By the way, do you have an instruction sheet for inserting 
the Sils?  I know that boxes of sets usually come with a step-by-step 
instruction sheet on insertions.  Good luck.  YMMV.

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