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[IP] Fist set Change

At 02:16 AM 2/16/2002, you wrote:
>Tomorrow is our first site change .  I want it to go well so our daughter will
>keep liking the pump.  I have it figured out how
>to hook it all up...I just want it to go painless and quick removing it all
>now.  We used a silhouette.  Do I remove the front tape first and pull the
>needle out or undo the back tape too and then pull it
>out?  Thanks

Here is what I do from the start:

1.  Set up the set and prime the tubing.
2.  Clean the site.
3.   Insert the set
4.   Remove both tapes  (hint make sure before the you insert the set that 
the tape is precut around the needle)
5.   Remove the needle.

Leaving the needle in until all the tape is removed will decrease the risk 
of kinking..

Hope this helps.

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