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Re: [IP] Pump is out

The pump was great for about 24 hours; a little low overnight but his final 
Ultralente shot was still working.   Perfect breakfast; perfect post 
prandial; perfect before lunch; perfect 1.5 hours after lunch and at 3 hours 
post lunch (87).   One hour later he was 205...okay, well, his basal rates 
are lower by 50% than on Ultralente.  

I bolused 1.2 units.  His b.g. stayed at 207 for an hour.  Checked again 
after another hour and he was 217.  Bolused 2 units.   Waited an hour and 
checked and he was 246.   

We had only 1 extra set; we tried to get it in but it wouldn't stay in (Soft 
set/softserter).  After three attempts (two calls to Minimed), we gave up; 
the area was sore and bleeding.

Since we had not more sets, we quit.  I gave him H in the abdomen (2 units) 
while we were changing the set and he immediately dropped 1o 167 from 246 in 
a matter of an hour.  That tells me that the set wasn't working because the 
Humalog did not drop him at all from the pump; in fact, he continued to rise.

Right now he is very happy to be off the pump and back on shots.  He says he 
feels "very free".  I don't know what the next step will be.

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