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RE: [IP] Quick Set Questions

I do the same thing. I use the quicksets, but with a D-Tron. I do not know
what how the minimed pumps prime, but the D-Tron displays the number of
units as it primes. If possible, I would suggest that the next time you use
a set in the conventional way (priming then inserting) watch carefully and
document exactly how much insulin it takes to prime through the hub and the
needle, then you can use this number when using our shortcut as described
below. E-mail me privately if you cannot do this with a minimed pump and I
will be sure to do it the next time I do a site change to get that number
for you. (It would make a difference which canula length you are using, but
that would be easy to figure out from minimed's documentation)

Does anyone have any problems with the quicksets coming up either because
the adhesive is rolling up and the site dislodges, or because the plastic
'hub' was not glued well enough to the adhesive disc? I have been having to
cut a hole in the middle of an IV3000 and tape over the adhesive disc and
the hub to prevent these things from happening. I have found that this
really significantly improves the site's durability. I use a craft punch
(from Michael's) to punch a large hole in the middle of the tape and then I
cut notches to expose the channels in the hub disc to make disconnecting
easier. It is possible without the notches, but is more difficult.


Babs wrote:  Then I put another set into me
> without putting any insulin in it.  Then I connect the tubing
> with the insulin in it to the one that's in me.  Then I prime the
> insulin into the cannula.  I usually prime about 1.5 units
> because I figure I would normally prime .5 after pulling the
> needle out and I am allowing an extra unit for the fact that
> there had been none
> anywhere in the set.
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