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<<From: email @ redacted
Gabe and Victoria are sleeping peacefully.  We checked every three hours last 
night..  Interestingly enough, he has been hypo all night (55-70) and we have 
been correcting with glucose.  HE IS TAKING 1/2 the amount of BASAL insulin 
with the pump than he took with Ultralente ....
1) HOW many basal rates do you all set?

2) When you make basal adjustments, what fraction (.1 , .2, .3) and etc do 
you make them with?  
3) Did you all do all the fasting test?   Til what time in the morning did 
you hold breakfast?>>

Not surprising on the 1/2 the insulin already - Luke was using 30 units/day of
NPH + Regular last year, but on the pump he uses 15-20 - the high end for
rainy, growing or sick days, mostly toward 15 units.  It seemed like we dropped
basals every day the first week or so.

1) Luke has had between 4 & 8 basal rates/day.  He is currently on 5 of them
but we're in adjustment right now.  His highest rate is 0.5u/hr, and lowest is
0.1u/hr (during the active part of the day).
2)  We make adjustments in 0.1u increments, 2-3 hrs ahead of bg we're trying to
affect, every 2-3 days.  Supposedly we only make 1 adjustment at a time, but if
he's low in the morning & low in the evening, I make both adjustments since
they're 12 hrs apart & shouldn't be interfering with each other too much.  We
checked with our pump trainer/CDE for the first month then just started flying
on our own when she agreed w/ every change we suggested.  If Luke's highest
basal was a lot more than 0.5, I'd probably do it in 0.2u changes.
3)  We're not the best at following the fasting-basal checks.  Mainly because
Luke is 7 and he gets hungry.  We did do it initially, rotating across about 3
weeks to work the fasts in.  When we did, instead of breakfast at 7am, he
waited til 10am - that kind of thing.  The early morning is the easiest to do. 
This is something that we will do more of as he gets older & can understand the
need for it - he needs to learn it before he sets his own basals.

Sounds like you're doing great! Good luck!
Shelly V, mom to Luke, 7

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