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[IP] Insulin Needs of Adolescents . . .

In a message dated 2/15/2002 4:44:24 PM Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Shannon is in the midst of puberty (*OY!*) <snip> 
>  That doesn't mean she's in poor control or that she's
>  brittle or a freak or abnormal or noncompliant, or whatever.
>  It's just what she needs right now to stay in control. If
>  that's what it takes, so be it.

You're a wise mom.  My Katie isn't menstruating yet, though we've been having 
3-4 days of insulin-resistant highs every 27-28 days for about a year now -- 
so I'm expecting to see the kinds of rises in total daily insulin that you're 
talking about anytime now.  

I keep reminding myself of just what you stated above and also of what 
Michael has written about several times re: a period of time in Lily's teens 
where she suddenly needed 90 units a day to stay in control and then later 
dropped back down (and stayed at) a more "noraml" TDI (something like 40-45 
units a day I think) . . . So, like you said, they all just need what they 
need to stay in control, and we parents just need to accept it and not just 
it as "bad" or an indication of lack of BG control . . . 

Hmmmm, I wonder if some endos have ever tried controlling the hormone-induced 
insulin resistance of a type 1 adolescent with any of the meds they use for 
type 2s ?!?!?

Pumpmama to Katie
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