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Gee, I hope it wasn't anyone from the IP list! If it was,
shame on them. ;) That is ridiculous! With or without
diabetes, you need as much basal insulin as you need,
period. It isn't going to be exactly the same as everyone
else.We are not automatons, after all. I hear similar
comments sometimes (like "Oh my gosh, she's on a LOT of
insulin!"). Shannon is in the midst of puberty (*OY!*) and
her basals keep going up, up, up (she is teetering on
1u/kg/day...endo said once we get to 1u/kg/day we're "there"
- for comparison, just ~6mos ago she was at .65u/kg/day).
That doesn't mean she's in poor control or that she's
brittle or a freak or abnormal or noncompliant, or whatever.
It's just what she needs right now to stay in control. If
that's what it takes, so be it. Eventually her needs will go
back down (from what I'm told). But even if they don't, it's
what she needs...so what. :) (Don't mess with the mama
bear!) ;)

Take care, Kerri, mom of Shannon-11, dxT1 5.2yrs, pumping
2.2yrs, and 7 other blessings
- my dad, a 2002 Olympic Torch bearer!!! :)
~*~Integrity is how you behave when no one is looking~*~

Amy said:
Btw, just because your child is on
several rates doesn't mean they are out of control-I've
actually had a mom
(whose child was pumping) tell me that Riley must be very
brittle & it's not
normal since her child was only on 2 rates-huh????
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