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Re: [IP] spreadsheet

I see what you're saying. But is this really any different
than with MDI? I mean, if Joe Blow was told by his CDE that
his C/I ratio is 1:15 and he uses a calculator to figure out
that when he eats that muffin he needs 5u, and takes the
insulin via syringe, who's fault is it if he goes low while
driving (and...btw, did he check his bg before getting into
the car)? Still lots of possibilities for finger pointing,
no? ;)

Can't they just put a disclaimer on it?  :)

Take care, Kerri, mom of Shannon-11, dxT1 5.2yrs, pumping
2.2yrs, and 7 other blessings
- my dad, a 2002 Olympic Torch bearer!!! :)
~*~Integrity is how you behave when no one is looking~*~

Michael said:
It's a touchy subject. The pump companies are each talking
integrating some such capability into their pumps, but the
issue of
"responsibility" is one that must be dealt with.

Imagine the scenario where Joe Blow programs in his "muffin"
takes a bolus then goes low while driving to work and has an

accident. Lots of possibilities for finger pointing.

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