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Re: [IP] Carbs in bars

In a message dated 2/15/2002 2:34:04 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Our local TV station (WNDU-TV) did a review of those low-carb bars. Six of
> the eight did NOT have the amount of CHO as stated on the labels. The Atkins
> bar listed 2 g carb on the label and it actually has 20-23 g. CHO. They said
> some of them are going to have to change their labeling cuz one's name is 3
> carb bar and actually had over 20. They sent the bars to the FDA testing
> site in Wisconsin, I believe

If you use the method of dividing the calories into carbs, protein and fat, 
the bars come out with MORE carbs than on the label.  However the sweetening 
products like Splenda and some of the others DO NOT RAISE BLood sugar, so 
they are allowed to not put them in the carb label.  I have used the low carb 
products extensively and they have always raised b.g. approximately by the 
amount the label would predict.  They use the term "effective carbs" which is 
a way of saying that the carbs are there but do not raise sugar.

We not longer use the low carb products since Gabe's pancreas is completely 
gone, no beta cells and we simply use smaller quantities of regular products 
dosed with Humalog.

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